Jacey and Pedro

You did such a great job on our special day. You made everything a breeze and were super fun to work with. Everything was beautiful and absolutely perfect!

Jacey DeLuna


She is amazing to work with and has your best interest in mind. More than willing to try your way and extremely creative.

Pedro DeLuna

Myranda and Blake

Thank you for your hard work to make my wedding happen! If it wasn’t for you, it wouldn’t have happened as smoothly as it did.


Becky planned my whole wedding! She’s very through and gets things done! We could NOT have done it without her.  I highly recommend her if you need a wedding planner. 

Thank you for everything you did to make this day a day to remember! You're the best! Thanks for letting me be "just mom" and enjoy the day!

Tonya Keasler, Mother of the Bride

Ashton and Cody

We sincerely appreciate all your help for a wedding day. It was truly one of the best days of our lives!

Other reviews.jpeg

You do such a beautiful job and care so much to make it a special day!!

- Kathy East



Thank you for a magnificent job!!!! Not only did you wrangle all of those people for all those hours, stage a perfect wedding, and keep everyone smiling…it was the most complete, amazing clean up I think we ever had…in record time!!!! Thank you!!!

- Erika Rosenburg, Saint Florian Fiber Farm



I worked as a DJ before moving to Nashville to pursue music full time. Becky was the absolute best that I worked with. Not only was she professional and possessing incredible management skills, she was also kind as she did it. Never once did I see her lose her cool with anyone. But my absolute favorite thing about Becky is that she took in others ideas when problems arose. Something had came up before the wedding and when assessing the situation she took ideas from all of us that were there working. Becky is the absolute best and is the only person I would leave Nashville to work for.

- Garrett Browning